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St. Kitts & Nevis Procedure


1. Complete (original) application forms (copy of form attached)
2. Submit application - Each applicant is required to complete the main application forms which constitutes:
o 1 original Registration as a Citizen of St. Kitts and Nevis application form C1, - this application requires the applicant to provide personal information, educational background, employment history and family history.
o 1 original Photograph and Signature Certificate form C2;
o 1 original Medical Certificate form C3 - this must be completed by a medical practitioner

Form C2 must be completed by a Notary Public who must affix his/her signature and seal of office at the end of said form as that of the certifier thereto. Also, copies of the applicant's Passport and Identity/National Cards must be certified as true and correct copies of the original documents by said Notary Public.
Form C3 must be completed by a Medical Practitioner who must affix his/her signature and seal of office as that of the examiner thereto.
The following documents must accompany the main application forms above:

 Certified copy of relevant Passport page for applicant;
 Certified copy of National Identity Cards for applicant;
 Six original passport-sized photos for applicant;
 Original excerpt or certified copy of Birth Certificate for applicant accompanied by the English translation if necessary;
 1 original Police Certificate/Record;
 1 original Bank reference letter issued by an internationally recognized bank; 9
 1 original professional reference from an attorney, notary public, chartered accountant etc.
 One document showing evidence of residential address - this may be a utility bill or a bank statement etc,
 And any other document in support of any statement/s made on the main application form C1.

These supporting documents must be in English or translated in English and any Photocopies of documents must be notarized and properly certified.
N.B. – (i) Should you choose the SIDF option, an Investment Confirmation/Escrow Agreement (Form C4) which is provided with the main application form must be completed.
Within three months of submission of your application for Citizenship by investment, the Unit will provide notification as to whether the application has been:
(a) Approved in principle
(b) Denied; or
(c) Delayed for casue and is still being processed.
If approval has been granted in principle, the main applicant must within 90 days after the notification of approval in principle show that full contribution to the SIDF has been deposited into a designated escrow account before the grant of Citizenship by Investment occurs.
**Please note that if your application has been denied, the due diligence background check and processing fees will not be returned to you.
(ii) In the case of the real estate investment option you must identify the property for purchase (i.e. a property that is within the pre-approved 10
Government project as identified above) and at least fully execute a Purchase and Sales Agreement or the relevant Transfer documents (if the land transaction is completed at the time of the application) must be submitted along with the application.
3. The Government will then undertake due diligence (background checks on you and all members of the family over the age of 16 years seeking citizenship).
4. Provided that everything is in order, approval is granted and you then take steps to be registered as a citizen.
The duration is dependent on the time within which a property is purchased and transferred, payment of relevant fees and the completion of relevant application forms. After applications are submitted the approval process can take as little as six (6) weeks or as much as 3 -6 months.
N.B - This program does not provide for any fast track/express application.
5. *Registration fee (payable if application is successful) -
(a) US$50,000.00 for head of household (male or female);
(b) US$25,000.00 for spouse;
(c) US$15,000.00 for each child of the main applicant under 18 years of age;
(d) US$50,000.00 for each qualified dependent of the main applicant above 18 years of age, other than his or her spouse.
Additionally, each citizenship certificate of registration is USD$47.00 and the cost for each passport is US$13.00.
*N.B. - This fee is not applicable to the persons investing in the SIDF
6. *Estimated Legal/ Transaction fees - the land purchase (and in accordance with the Bar Association Scale of Fees), is as follows: -
 Purchase and Sale Agreement (Vetting & or amending) - 1 % of Purchase Price
 Memorandum of Transfer: - Approximately 1% of Purchase Price.
 Surveyor's Fees: - Approximately, EC$1000 per acre.
12  Government Fee: - Registration fee of US$2.70
 Assurance Fund - Purchase price or value of land divided by 500.

*Applicants may also be required to apply for an Alien Land Holding License for Which an additional legal fee is required as well as payment of relevant Government Stamp Duty.
N.B. – All prescribed government fees (including investment amounts, due diligence and registration fees) are regulated by the Government of St Kitts & Nevis and are subject to change at any time.
6. Kindly note that any task outside the scope of the above are regarded as additional legal services attracting our usual hourly rates plus any expenses/ disbursements made in relation to said task/s. Our hourly rates are available upon request.
Please note, that we would require a retainer prior to commencing any work. The retainer is non- refundable, however, it is subject to set off as against the initial and subsequent invoices sent to you for services performed for and on your behalf.
We would be delighted to assist you with your economic citizenship needs. Feel free to contact us at any time regarding any queries you may have.


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