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Why Malaysia

Business Opportunity

Malaysia is a vibrant nation with dynamic business environment. Under the Economic Transformation Plan, the private sectors are playing the leading role in moving the nation forward. Government policies are investor-friendly, designed to attract quality investors. Malaysia boasts infrastructure and info structure that are conducive as well as comparable to any developed nations. At the same time, Malaysia continues to produce highly skilled workforce to support the nation’s growth.

Malaysia has always been a preferred destination to many multinational companies. To date there are more than 5,000 foreign companies from more than 40 countries operating in Malaysia.

Malaysian government through its various agencies consistently develop and implement growth and development programmes to ensure local enterprises meet international standards in various business aspects.

Conforming to international standards in the areas of business performance, operation management, marketing capability, talent development, management capability, innovation and financial capability will ensure local enterprises are equipped to thrive in their fields.

Skill specific programs are organized to continuously develop entrepreneurs and businesses to acquire relevant knowledge and know-how.

Malaysian government is committed to create a dynamic and progressive business environment to ensure potential investors are drawn into a thriving economy.

Business Investment Opportunities in Malaysia

Business Investment Opportunities in Malaysia -Why MALAYSIA Now?

1. Malaysia itself is well located within Asia Pacific and Asean!

  • Within Asia Pacific rim where Asia Pacific GDP growth is tremendous!
  • Within Asean region, a place poised with positive economy of escalating growing, more so with the coming of the Asean Economic Co-operation (AEC) taking place in 2015

2. Another recent boost for Malaysia with recent ranking being the top 6th country in the world as the most easiest and friendliness in doing business by World Bank! It has jumped from previous year’s ranking of 16, this proof Malaysia truly on track on its economy transformation and able to poise a place of investment welcoming foreigners!

3. 2013- UNCTAD Report affirmed Malaysia’s attractiveness in Foreign Direct Investment as an attractive destination raising the country’s rank from 13th to 16th in the world and Malaysia also the 3rd largest recipient FDI in Asean as a Top Prospective Host Economy for 2013-2015 in its World Investment Report. Malaysia is a place of growth! A place of stability, affordable living with abundance of business investment opportunities in Malaysia! Malaysia welcomes foreigners!

Business Investment Opportunities in Malaysia - The popular ones!

Recently, many foreigners have performed most searches in the following areas:

  • Start Restaurant Business in Malaysia
  • Start A Franchise Business in Malaysia
  • Start Hotel Business in Malaysia
  • Start an International Business in Malaysia
  • Start A Real Estate Business in Malaysia
  • Start Export Import Business in Malaysia
  • Start Garments Sector Business in Malaysia

Once they identified the business activities intend to perform in Malaysia, the next step to know is how to incorporate a Malaysian Company Sdn Bhd and various types of licenses required for their trade. Please be informed that the time frame from incorporation to fully complete with trade license and hiring of expatriate in your set-up may takes you top to 9 months to complete.

The recent two years (2011-2013), Malaysia is enjoying some improve ranking and positions in various categories added good news with an encouraging business sentiment to both locals and the foreigners! Here is what the World Say About Malaysia :

  • Malaysia’s economic freedom score is 69.6, making its economy the 37th freest in the 2014 Index for the 10 economic freedoms including financial freedom, investment freedom, labor freedom, and business freedom. Malaysia is ranked 9th out of 42 countries in the Asia–Pacific region, and its overall score is above the world and regional averages
  • Malaysia is the top 6th country for friendliest in doing business- 2014
  • Malaysia ranked 4th out of 59 economies in Business Efficiency 2012/2013
  • Malaysia ranked 29th in the world in Global Peace Index
  • Malaysia ranked 4th in Asia’s most preferred investment locations 2013 by Economy Corporate Outlook
  • Malaysia ranked 15th position and among the top 20% nation in competitive economy in the World Competitiveness IMD Report 2013
  • Malaysia ranked 24th on Global Trade Enabled Business 2012-2013 by World Economic Forum
  • Malaysia ranked 14th World Competitiveness 2012 by Institute Management of Switzerland
  • Malaysia ranked 1st on Best Place to Retire by the Japanese
  • Malaysia ranked 3rd Best Place to Retire by International Living Inc 2014 for its popular “MM2H program”
  • Malaysia ranked 18th Best Place to Migrate by the Americans 2012
  • World Investment Report revealed that Malaysia is the 3rd best for FDI in Asean, 5th best in Asia and the top 11th in 2014 UCTAD Wolrd bank Report for profitability
  • Malaysia maintains its third placing in a ranking of the world’s top 50 global services locations for eight consecutive years, according to the latest AT Kearney Global Services Location Index 2011 report
  • According to the 2012 Doing Business Survey by the World Bank, Malaysia is the world’s 6th friendliest place to do business! The survey include business startup procedures, time, cost and minimum capital required to start a business.
  • Malaysia has double-taxation treaties with over 68 countries

Malaysia is a growing economy! GDP growth: In 2008, 5.3%. In 2009, 4.6%. In 2010, 7.1% and 2011, 5.1%. 2013, growth will be between 4% to 5%. Forecast for 2014 will be 4.5%. Malaysia is a Place of Growth!

  • High Gross National Savings – 35% of GNP
  • Low Debt Service Ratio – 4.7% of exports of goods and services
  • Low Unemployment Rate – 4.5%
  • Inflation (CPI) – 4.2%
  • Home to a variety of natural resources – oil, gas, tin, timber, palm oil and rubber
  • Government Policies – Pro-business and responsive
  • Pioneer Tax Status incentive and many other incentives to support locals and foreigners
  • Liberal exchange control regime
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Well-developed economic and banking sector, including the Labuan International Financial Centre
  • Legal and Accounting practice based on British System
  • English is widely used in the business community
  • Network of well maintained highways and railways throughout the country
  • Well-equipped seaports and easy connectivity with variety of world-class as well as budget airlines
  • High quality telecommunications network and services throughout the country
  • Fully developed industrial parks – Free Trade Zones, Tech Parks and Multimedia Super Corridor
  • Friendly and hospitable Malaysians with reasonable cost of living and comfortable living environments
  • Excellent housing with good amenities with 5 star condominiums and gated communities
  • Excellent educational institutions from kindergarten to foreign world-class universities such as Monash University and University of Nottingham
  • Excellent health care facilities with reasonable fees

Business Investment Opportunities in Malaysia -How Do I Get Started?

To be efficient and hassle free, call on us for consultation on how we can assist you in setting up the right business in Malaysia to meet your objective in Malaysia! Our professional service will help you answer the following questions:

  • What kind of business entity suitable for my business plan in Malaysia
  • What kind of Market Research, Info and Due Diligence work that I need to perform lower my risk in business investment in Malaysia?
  • Incorporating Malaysian Company Sdn Bhd – is it possible for a 100% foreign owned on the business activities I intend to?
  • What kind of trade licenses I need for the nature of business that I intend to do?
  • What kind of Expatriate Work Visa for myself and my employees?
  • Setting Regional/Representative office- is it right for me?
  • What are the businesses not permitted in Malaysia?
  • How to set-up Labuan International Business successfully?

MalaysiaBizAdvisory only deals with foreigners, not all rules and policies by Malaysia Government regulatory applicable and remain same all the time for foreigners. Check with us for the latest changes to meet your objectives in Malaysia by contacting us.

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